Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What is this Quarter life crisis that seems to be hitting all of us with a vengence(alrht alrght 20 to 29 sumthings but u see here ppl most of the friends I hv belong to tht particular age group :P...ermm on 2nd thought make tht all the friends I hv ;) )...nyways gettin back to the point : The Big QLC...well lets take my example:

Up2 last yr I was totally unsure 'bout what I wanted to do nxt like do an MBA or an MS and now tht I made my decision 'm not completely sure wether its the right choice or not :D

Then there is that question of settling down u knw .... I still feel I need a coupla years more....dunno what I want from life exactly(Did I see an eye roll again there ppl ;)??)

....sumtimes I just feel like I should pick up a backpack and be off....touring India(would hv said the world here but seems a wee bit too ambitious then :D)

And well I've seen quite a few of my friends and cousins going through all the same questions and issues that I seem to be facing.....Not satisfied in terms of their jobs, not understanding where they wanna go in life....just drifting along.....I feel our parents gen had a less complicated lifestyle.... Maybe their freedom was not as much in terms of choices that they could make..but the complications were definitely lessened to a gr8 extent... Whaddya feel ppl :) ??

(P.S: I'm proud to be a parta this confused but cool gen of ours ;) ..... Rock on peeps :))) )

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Mood: Pensieve, thoughtful ,kinda bordering on eccentric some of the many many many moods of our protagonist here)
Our protagonist suddenly decides tht she wants to go to the US…does tht make ay sense???…..who decides such things in a span of a day(ookies ookies exaggerating here…maybe a coupla days :D)….'f course there are tons and tons of things to be done….xams to be given,finance to be thought 'bout,visa to be given by whomsever concerned….but does our protogonist thnk of all this….noooooooooooooooo…..
(and in case ur wondering ppl the protogonist here is me :P…..and no comments like: "Is she ever thoughtfull….I havent seen her thinkin ever" :P….I can be thoughtful when mood seizes me thnk u :D...)
*Note to readers: the above thoughtfulness phenomenon occurs rarely… :))
How does the feeling of leavin maybe a warm blanket on a cold night feel…. Or maybe givin up ur most favourite food…..Kinda makes u just not wanna do it rght….even the mere thought of it …
I guess I can compare my goin to the US to study to sumthin akin to these feelings…..Giving up a nice warm home and the company of loving family and friends….+(all those li'll nataks we are soooo used to, Stuff like : "No mom 'm not gonna eat this…I don’t like it" or "Chal na yaar….weekend pe bahar jaate hain (or shopping whichever applicable here)")….
I just hope 'm able to manage studying+working+cooking…..
Watch this space for more updates then :D

And here is a Quote from the Wonder years which I found was really true : When you're a little kid you're a bit of everything; Scientist, Philosopher, Artist. Sometimes it seems like growing up is giving these things up one at a time. :)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

How do you put into words ,emotions which you can not even feel properly ?

How do you explain to someone that they are so nice that when you hurt them , even though you didnt mean to hurt them ,not even a little bit, that the pain that you feel is really deep?

How do you make them realise that what you are feeling really really sorry for anything that you ever did to that hurt them...for anytime that you ever made them feel sad, for anytime that you ever caused even a single tear to run down their cheek....

that they are so important as a friend, that someone who is usually loqacious and blunt with words, is having a difficult time putting anything at all into words .

Maybe some things can never be explained, never be conveyed in words......

....all I can do is bow my head down and ask for forgiveness.......tell how sorry I am...

Promise that whatever happens you will always be there for them......

come sun, hail, rain, geographical bariers.......

and that tomorrow when it will dawn will be a happy one for all concerned :)) .......

(Dedicated to ECK :) )

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Been quite sometime since I posted...I guess professional life does tht to ya (there I go again...professional life...pffffftttt :P....guess 'm just god darn lazyy :D...)

Nyways here goes....would appreciate opinions y'all:

Where do u go girl,
In search of happiness,
the farther that u travel,
I'm afraid u'll only find less.

Do you wanna be a rockstar,
or will u a model be,
or do you wanna be an archeologist,
excavating some city.

Happiness doesnt come gurl,
from being wealthy,
You can even find happiness,
while reading a book under a tree. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So true this :D

Monday, July 30, 2007

Short story by yours truly :

She stood there her 'pod in her ear, waiting for the bus to arrive.This wouldbe the last time she took the bus from college to home, the last day of her life as a student, this would be a day of many, many lasts...

She stood there letting the memories wash over her....kinda likes waves which touch the shore of the beach....memories of the first day of engg col, how nervous she felt'bout the prospect of finding new friends, and the happiness she had feltwhen during the first few days itself she had found amazing friends, ppl who would share her happiness,fears,sorrows for the next 4 yrs...
She stood there as she remembered all the annual functions where they all used to crowd around the guy playing the guitar and sing songs ,regardlessof how much noise they were making, but still managed to sing in tandeem as one..their voices all in tune with the guitar if on cue her 'pod played out 'Hotel California' and she found a lump forming in her throat

She stood there and remembered all the times spent in the lab, coding, all thetime spent in the canteen criticizing the food...and as the memories keeptcomming one after another, crystal clear..she found a tear running down her cheek...

Then she wiped it away ...'coz just as endings are an essential part of our lifeso are new beginnings, and with them the thrill and anticipation of newthings to come ....and of a chance to create new beautiful memories to add tothe pool of exsisting ones.The 'Ally Macbeal' theme song playing on her 'pod,she climbed onto the bus

Saturday, July 7, 2007

This is how wikipidea describes an Iyer:are a section of Tamil Brahmins (a priestly Hindu class / caste from India) who mostly profess the advaita philosophy propounded by Sri Shankaracharya. thts a phenomenon thts quite old....u musta heard it ppl :D....

Typical "good Iyerness" characteristics :

For Gals: hmmm lesse now ...yeah long plaited well oiled hair is good, as is studying like hell,heaven and earth put together, and going to the temple *slam ,dunk score one brownie point* ;)......

For Boys: getting in2 IIT and IIMs and going to "Americaaaa" to study *damn ur sooo the golden boy at home, epitome for ur cousins blah blah.....* , again big geeky glasses and well oiled hair is a plus point innit :P

Ookie now tht u've finished giggling on the above words ^^^^, or smiling silently to urself (all this is applicable if ur an Iyer i.e the smiling to urself and stuff :)) )...see this is how we've been stereotyped since time imemorial :D (ermmm since quite long anyways :D)...and I sooooo wanna disagree with it ookie....So clarifying some points for u northies et all. out there (and no ppl "madrasi" is soooo not a language :P...and tamil is not the only langauge tht ppl in the south speak....on second thought, I'm tryin to explain this to some ppl who thnk madrasi is a language in the first place, so..welll..ermmm :P.....tht seems like a lost cause there :D)

Myth no.1 : Iyer girls oil their hair and wair it tightly plated....Wrong Dude....
U'd nvr catch a modern Iyer chick caught dead in tht :)) it....we hv an innate sense of fashion...nvr loud or garish us ppl...and we usually hv real nice features to carry it off as well...sooo.... :))

Myth no.2: Iyer chicks know only how to study....ermm...BEEP.... wrong again Dudes and dudettes....we do study like mad...but we are also damn creative and intelligent...and can converse on any topic from Quantum physics to Queen (na bhai ...Victoria nathi che...they are a band....try listenin to them,instead of reshamiya for a change huh :P)

Myth no.3:Iyer boys==IIT/IIM admits, MS in the US...well oiled hair and disastrous dressing sense...
Ur sure ur not in a time wrap....Iyer guys...yes very intelligent...and do get above admits...or usually in2 good engineering colleges ;) ....they are usually metal heads,who are damn cool...and hv a lotta respect for the ladies....but if not in engineering...they are there in other fields too.....

hope tht clears a coupla myths :))

Dedicated to all the Iyer dudes and dudettes , who have been stereotyped in the past...and all south indians...who have been called 'madrasi', 'idlii dosa' et all in the past.

Cheers :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

with a brown layer of dust on them,
hanging from the trees,
the earth,
with her dry parched surface,
wondering what her fate will be

the robin is waiting,
for a song is there to be sung,
each of 'em,
each and everyone,
is waiting,
when sweet water from the rain clouds will come.

--> this poem is inspired by the weather outside, and sweet friends(who stand by u through thick and thin and GCA's and whinings and late nghts) :))

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Now I'm becommin quite a regular blogger !! (either I've suddenly discovered a talent for writing or hv wayyy too much time on my hands :D....).... Anyways the li'll drawing u see alongside gives u a picture of the two things without wich yours truly cant really start her day :P.......I guess with most of u its coffee(and technically it shud b tht for me 2....but I'm one of those tam brahm iyers who dont drink coffee :D....), but for me the strong, hot, pipping aroma and taste of ginger tea just drives those morning blues away :)) ....and now sine its the monsoon season, well tea and watching the rains outside my window....awesum combo...another thing which is an instant pick me up is music...nything goes in the morning.....could be M.S.Subbalakshmi all the way to MLTR :))

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Okie Okie I knw I'm sooo not a film critic cant really rate a movie...but what the heck, here goes :D..... I went to watch 'Cheeni Kum' 2day...lemme tell y'all tht its an absolutely fantabulous movie :))) . I mean yeah yeah the storyline is tried and tested....and yeah ppl its kinda a romantic comedy (so chicklit I know :D)...but its the dialouges..they r sooo refreshingly intelligent :))) (ermm....and considering the crap they pass of as dialouges these days.. :D...this is on another level) ....and then there is the music (nobody broke out in2 a song and dance in the middle of a london street thnk god!!! :D), given by Ilyaraja (which makes u realise why hes a master :)) ) actually aids the flow of the movie (I mean its been a long time since I've seen tht happen :)) )...and then there are the clothes worn by Tabu ..classy is the only word ....and well amithabh...well hes just amithabh in the movie...great dresser, carries off the sarcastic and witty dialouges with elan tht man(and yeah I luved the Versace designer glasses he has case u'all didnt knw thts a brand ppl :P )...and yes the sets....fantabulous(yeah ppl I noticed tht :P)all in all a movie not to be missed (can I hea the call of any major daily for making me their head movie critic....haha :D)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Now what u ppl can c here is the work of an idle mine who has randomly seen a poster, and who had nothin better to do then reading FRD's and hence decided to draw :D (namely mmeeeeeeee ppl :P)
Shows the attitude of diff ppl in the former 2 all of us know...and from the latter 2, I guess we oe across many spiritualists now a days :P...and as for the realist thingi...well wudnt all u guys like 2 be like tht (for more reasons than 1 :D...but yeah rimarily 'coz the realist is the only guy who finished the beer huh!!! :)))) ..haha )

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Starting to take cooking lessons from mom has been a whole new eye opening exerience(and its a phrase ppl...I didnt walk with my eyes closed b4 tht :P)...Nyways as sumtimes I learn to make all those complicated dishes, I understand how hard mom's have to wrk to prepare all those yummy dishes evryday :)) (and bear with my tantrums in addition to tht in my moms case :D...."I dont like this vegie, dont like tht..." :)) )....welll when u do it urself u realize all the sweat and hard wrk tht goes in2 it (another expression....definitely not to be taken literally :D).....had gone to a tam-brahm wedding yest(reeption to be more precise.... :)) )....had gone to one after quite sumtime...noticed quite a few ppl sitting there fidgeting with their mobiles...especially kids(and my advice to these kids: Ur sooo not the Prime minister....quit fidgetting with the gadget...I dont care however much of the latest version it is :P, get a life....no1 on the earth is tht busy :P..ever..unless ur the CEO of some company...which given ur age I'm sure uall are not :))... *whew* tht was quite a tirade :D)..nyways quite enjoyed it....seeing all thoseaunties dressed up in all their finery (they an overdo it sometme :D), and the uncles come as simply as possible (another typical aspect of a tam-brahm wedding....aunties dressed verrrrrrrrrrryyy well...ahem ahem * cough* :D....and uncles just plain under dressed :D)...nyways had pretty nice food (there the foodie in me again showing up * wave )

Monday, May 14, 2007

hmmm ever rode in a car, at night, with the windows open (yeah...yeah..without an AC :P...u knw ppl...actually the car in which I rode didnt hv an tht partially contributes to the open windows thingi :D...still its really nice :)) ), and listening to any song that u liked, or generally the radio , and just close ur eyes....amazing experience (what happened to me on the way home in the office drop :)) ).l..try it....I am sure u'll be amazed at the peace and warmth that u'll feel washing all over u (and no ppl the warmth is not emmision from the vehicle in front :P..hehe)..but seriously try it :))..

Monday, April 30, 2007

Yest when I was at the Train station, while goin to wrk ( dont go rolling ur eyes :D...its an interesting place to observe ppl ;))...I'm listenin to this reall fav song of which u dont get to listen on the radio often ....suddenly there is a ta on my shoulder.ookie and a lady is askin me sumthin(which i cant obiviously hear over the radio...becoz i've put it at a very high sound :D) I remove the earphones...and she says "Nest train slow hai ki fast"...a question regarding which I hv no clue...and say so to her too...smiling all the time (while I'm missin tht song of mine :D..)...this hapened no less then 3 times yest (all during the course of the same song....:D...sheeeeeeesh). I mean I'm really helfull mosta the times...but welll ommon three ppl...same question...during tht same song...hehe :D

and another question...what is proper office attire during summer... I mean formals get wayyyy to hot ppl :D...I'm confused on this topic too :)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Now this is a totally random observation (yeah as random as me :D)....yesterday while gettin inside the train..i saw these 'macchi-wallis' (fisherwomen) trying to board the goods compartment.....(yeah yeah...i knw u've seen them a million times.and ur wondering wats this gurl goin on about !!!! :D...but let me put it from theprosetive of a pure vegetarian :D...)...but yest i realized they were very gutsy women...why u ask me ?? Well for one..its these women who carry their 'fish' to the market...and fght the crowds and stuff...sell their product..i mean they may sound uncouth and loud (but I guess thts an occupational hazard...just as u knw soundin quite and polite is ours :D....yeah its definitely an occupational hazard..there hv been times when i've wanted 2 scream at sum1...but cudnt because of the occupational hazard situatn :D ) I mean these women face a lotta hardships..still they're optimistic and hard working (and yeah loud...but i like their spirit :D)..kinda makes u thnk rght.... :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Celebration means......

Hundred bucks of petrol.

A rusty old bike.

And an open road.

Celebration means......

Maggi noodles.

A hostel room.

4.25 a.m.

Celebration means......

3 old friends.

3 separate cities.

3 coffee mugs.

1 internet messenger.

Celebration means......

Rain on a hot tin roof.

Pakoras deep-frying.

Neighbours dropping in.

A party.

Celebration means......

You and mom.

A summer night.

A bottle of coconut oil.

A head massage.

You can spend

Hundreds on birthdays,

Thousands on festivals,

Lakhs on weddings,

but to celebrate

all you have to do is spend your Time with your loved ones.

Keep in touch with your loved ones ........

Ookie I admit it the abv sentences are palagarised (from one of those millions of Fwded mails :D)..but then the tght is so simle and yet so deep...the person who wrote the above lines tght of turning simple things like Maggi noodles(yeah I luv maggi :D) and coconut oil(hmmmm not sumthin I relly luv)in2 nostalgia :) I hv another complaint about the taffic (do I hear ya rolling ur eyes, or giving sad sighs...or just plain running away :D...thinkin not the traffic topic again) come the vehicles in the adjacent lane go faster?? happens always...seems like one of lifes eternal mysteries ;)...hehe...and wats with all this Abhiash wedding hype re..its really gettin 2 me..I mean do ppl really care 'bout how ash bght 15 Kg of mehendi (all the way from Rajasthan that 2 :d... I mean I cud've actually gone sight seeing to Rajasthan with all that money ppl :D)..haha...but thts news I guess :D

Monday, April 16, 2007

Life's one big charade,
Dont wanna be a parta this facade,
Dont wanna loose myself in this meaningless run
wanna turn my face towards the gentle breeze
and bask in the warm, soft glow of the sun...

Sounds like the lyrics of the song na (hehe...yeah rght :P) ..but its written by yours truly...and no ppl, I havent just written it of the cuff.... sometimes I feel like doin xactly wat I've written..... walking in a place where there is a gentle breeze, or gazin up at the stars(and no ppl , I'm not 3 yrs old.... I just like lookin at the stars and clouds ook :D).... or walking down the beach and feeling the saand between my toes......or holding a round smooth pebble, that has been warmed by the sun in my hand.hmmm all nice wonderfull feelings :)....(or mayb its just tht I'm so tired I'm wittin gibberish)...wateva hope it makes u'all feel better :D

Thursday, April 12, 2007

After a hard days work..kinda tired..but still like to sometimes write (and take it from me I do most things at odd hours some of u sooo obiviously know :D).... 2morows moving day at office...we move from one office building to another (just two blocks away though :D). U ppl cant imagine the traffic commin back home from work, just wayyyy 2 much :D....a journey which should ideally take 15 min takes 45 (enuff time to go 2 Kerala and come back...hehe ;) ). Ahhh well folks wasn't in a very philosophical mood 2day(did I just hear a sigh of relief *phew* someone is saying..haha). So i'm signing off


Monday, April 9, 2007

Hmmmm (now who begins a post with this... :D)....I'm in kinda a contemplative mood 2day. As we grow up , we realise we tend to change and so do people around us. What we dont realise is tht when this change comes kinda suddenly, where will we turn to look for answers . Mayb we dont find them, mayb we do?? its definitely not an easily answered question :D... life goes on I guess...despite having not found answers, despite all the soul searching, despite evrything has to go a macbare puppet show...and when things hapen tht we wished didnt we can only ut u our hands and ask tht great puppet master in the sky why me ?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hmmm sum wise man once said "half our life is spent rushing from one place to another"(ermmm..ookie I kinda made tht up...but a wise man cud've said it :P).....nyways comming back 2 my point....we spend our life rushin here and there, to catch busses,trains, to reach office on time, while doing work (like running from one table to another while working..haha), and in the course of all this running , we get so caught up tht we dont realise tht we're missin the kutti(tht means small in tamil...sumhow it sounds very cute in Tam ;)) things in life :) for instance the plants and small flower shops we pass on our way 2 wrk(there are wayy more then u thnk ppl)..ookie i'll gv u'all a li'll hint as 2 wat u can do 2 mayb njoy a few of these small 'bout just starin at the clouds or the trees when ur travelling :), definitely givs u a sense of feelin grounded and happy :)... Such simple things do seem 2 gv me happiness :D....hmmm or like mayb sayin "thnk u" 2 ppl who are stuck in a thankless job, like mayb the bus conductor.....when I said "thnk u" to the conductor 2day after he gv me my bus ticket, I swear I saw a smile on his face :)...ppl do tell me wat is the thing tht makes u hapy :) ?


Monday, April 2, 2007

What does one write after a long, hard day at work(long it was...but did I work hard...hmmm lemme thnk now...actually I was reading an FRD...geesh tht takes time :D).

Hmmm how 'bout I post a joke. It goes sumthin like this:

Once upon a time, there was a software engineer who used to develop programs on his Pentium machine, sitting under a tree on the banks of a river. He used to earn his bread by selling those programs in the Sunday market. One day, while he was working, his machine tumbled off the table and fell in the river. Encouraged by the Panchatantra story of his childhood (the woodcutter and the axe), he started praying to the River Goddess. The River Goddess wanted to test him and so appeared only after one month of rigorous prayers. The engineer told her that he had lost his computer in the river. As usual, the Goddess wanted to test his honesty. She showed him a match box and asked, "Is this your computer ?" Disappointed by the Goddess' lack of computer awareness, the engineer replied, "No." She next showed him a pocket-sized calculator and asked if that was his. Annoyed, the engineer said "No, not at all!!" Finally, she came up with his own Pentium machine and asked if it was his. The engineer, left with no option, sighed and said "Yes." The River Goddess was happy with his honesty. She was about to give him all three items, but before she could make the offer, the engineer asked her, "Don't you know that you're supposed to show me some better computers before bringing up my own ?"
The River Goddess, angered at this, replied, "I know that, you stupid idiot! The first two things I showed you were the Trillennium and the Billennium, the latest computers from IBM!" So saying, she disappeared with the Pentium!!

Moral: If you're not up-to-date with technology trends, it is better keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a genius, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!

hmmm this joke really cracked me up, but actually speaking can u imagine how many millions of IT professionals(well educated with high payin jobs) are there in India (including urs truly) , who dont know a s*** 'bout new technologies....hmmmm I hope this situatn changes soon and we do hv ppl with good knowledge of new technology and we start working with all these technologies(ahh this is the I dunno nation lover in me speaking :D)

On a more lighter note...'tis the season of pears again...yeah I like pears a lot(hence my happiness u c ppl ;)). Hmm there is also tht heat thingi I keep mentioning(which I swear is simply increasing day by day :D, and which I conviniently escape by sitting in the office A.C..hehe :D). And so ppl I leave u to ponder over a few thoughts(ermmm if u really thnk u want 2 ponder over wat I just said ;))


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Now since I'm on a roll, tght I mght write another post(This is what happens when ur bored silly.....u thnk of boring other ppl :D). And can I hear a faint "Tsk tsk" in the background...ppl thinking ," Gals as it is talk wayy 2 much...this chick here just needs another excuse to jabber :D...and sooo she blogs"....hmmmmmph...ppl u shudnt thnk such things...this blog mght be a way into my innermost thoughts, my true feelings (ermmm actually maybe ur probably right...I do luv to talk ;)...and innermost thoughts..haha wats tht :P)....nyways tght of describing my day here.
How 'bout I start with yesterday and then finish of with today(tht'll make this blog nice and long I'm thinkin...and ur thinkin will she like ever stop..haha ;)). Hmmm yest I went shopping....yes ppl in the course of this blog(common I'm sure u'll read it later too)...u'll find tht I luv shoping (Dont all gurlz..ur thinkin...and I say not all gurlz dont necessarily like shopping). So there I was in the Bandra sun(Did I mention tht I was an idiot in the previous post...well heres like proof...who goes out in the sweltering mumbai heat..??)roaming around hill road, with a friend who wanted to do her easter shopping and wat do I see...(ermmm obiviously the road :P)..other then tht loadsa shops ..basically shoppers paradise...but not b4 wasting(according to my mom...but according to me well spent) 550 on a cute white top with light green piping in globus :D...and then I see this strawberry pink top...for like dirt cheap...and I decide wat the heck will buy it and then I feel hungry so we decided to eat, go to this atrociously priced restaurant and have a grilled sandwhich(costs 80 bucks..ouch...I'm thinkin...cud've bought another top..hehe), buy shoes and a belt(150 total...after a little bargaining obvi), and am home (still comlainin 'bout the friggin heat).
See I kept it quite short :D

Then there is 2day....when my mom decided tht she would try to impart some of her cullinary skills to her dear daughter(read: teach me cooking..hehe)and after many futile attempts to wake me up and get me in2 the kitchen('f course we gotta finish cooking b4 the bai comes dont we...hehe...our schedules run according to her..haha) at 8 o clock...I'm finally there hand towel and all(to wipe the sweat obvi :D) at 9 oclcok...So after giving one of her sighs(which clearly indicates "wat am I 2 do with this gurl" kinda feeling...yeah there are different kinda sighs guys !! :D)..we embark on an adventure of cooking...To my credit I must say the dal and sabji did come out well(and no I'm not just saying this...I did hv ppl taste it and they did like it :D)..and then I did wat I do best(and tht is sleapt...hello..common now wat wer u pl thinking ;))
and here I am writing it in a blog post.

Authors note: And no pl future blogs wont be so lonjg :P


Resurrected from the ashes

Now you're thinkin which idiot on this planet names their first post "Resurrected from the ashes"..... Does she like thnk tht shes some sorta phoenix or some such mythical creature...but people there is a reason for this name. And now without rambling further I thnk I should give u'all the reason lest you people go to sleep.. :D

And here is the reason...drum roll please......tish tish tish tish(worst imitation of a drumroll ever ppl!!!)....hehe..actually eons ago(well not xactly ookie...I'm like exaggerating here...but it sure does feel like eons ;) ) I used to write a blog..which was read by a coupla ppl(now I'm soooo not tellin how many :P), and then in a looooong story which involves breaking down of comps, a bunch of idiots who had to submit a friggin B.E project(of which I'm case u didnt know), then running around to find a job and the rest of those trivial things we pursue in this journey called life( thts the philospher in me dont be alarmed I dont get philosiphical and all often ;) )...ermmm I'm not really tellin the story here ppl....just mentioning factors and such....anyways my poor blogging died a natural death. Then on a bored Sunday afternoon I read a friends blog....and wat inspired me(ermmm I guess inspired is too strong a word for me....just well made me get off my lazy ass) to write is somethin I dunno :D
and here I am writing this blog.

Lets hope my l'ill blog survives this time around ;)