Sunday, April 1, 2007

Now since I'm on a roll, tght I mght write another post(This is what happens when ur bored silly.....u thnk of boring other ppl :D). And can I hear a faint "Tsk tsk" in the background...ppl thinking ," Gals as it is talk wayy 2 much...this chick here just needs another excuse to jabber :D...and sooo she blogs"....hmmmmmph...ppl u shudnt thnk such things...this blog mght be a way into my innermost thoughts, my true feelings (ermmm actually maybe ur probably right...I do luv to talk ;)...and innermost thoughts..haha wats tht :P)....nyways tght of describing my day here.
How 'bout I start with yesterday and then finish of with today(tht'll make this blog nice and long I'm thinkin...and ur thinkin will she like ever stop..haha ;)). Hmmm yest I went shopping....yes ppl in the course of this blog(common I'm sure u'll read it later too)...u'll find tht I luv shoping (Dont all gurlz..ur thinkin...and I say not all gurlz dont necessarily like shopping). So there I was in the Bandra sun(Did I mention tht I was an idiot in the previous post...well heres like proof...who goes out in the sweltering mumbai heat..??)roaming around hill road, with a friend who wanted to do her easter shopping and wat do I see...(ermmm obiviously the road :P)..other then tht loadsa shops ..basically shoppers paradise...but not b4 wasting(according to my mom...but according to me well spent) 550 on a cute white top with light green piping in globus :D...and then I see this strawberry pink top...for like dirt cheap...and I decide wat the heck will buy it and then I feel hungry so we decided to eat, go to this atrociously priced restaurant and have a grilled sandwhich(costs 80 bucks..ouch...I'm thinkin...cud've bought another top..hehe), buy shoes and a belt(150 total...after a little bargaining obvi), and am home (still comlainin 'bout the friggin heat).
See I kept it quite short :D

Then there is 2day....when my mom decided tht she would try to impart some of her cullinary skills to her dear daughter(read: teach me cooking..hehe)and after many futile attempts to wake me up and get me in2 the kitchen('f course we gotta finish cooking b4 the bai comes dont we...hehe...our schedules run according to her..haha) at 8 o clock...I'm finally there hand towel and all(to wipe the sweat obvi :D) at 9 oclcok...So after giving one of her sighs(which clearly indicates "wat am I 2 do with this gurl" kinda feeling...yeah there are different kinda sighs guys !! :D)..we embark on an adventure of cooking...To my credit I must say the dal and sabji did come out well(and no I'm not just saying this...I did hv ppl taste it and they did like it :D)..and then I did wat I do best(and tht is sleapt...hello..common now wat wer u pl thinking ;))
and here I am writing it in a blog post.

Authors note: And no pl future blogs wont be so lonjg :P



Manasi said...

Welcome back to da world of blogging!!!!
Waiting for more frequent and entertaining post!!!
And i am honoured to be da first 1 to comment!!

Narasimhan said... make an ordinary day sound interesting...keep writin li'l articles like this ;)