Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too much luggage

" Do you need help?? "

I looked up from picking up the books that I had dropped. He was standing there smiling his cute gorgeous smile at me. My heart melted......

Ohkkk ohkk * sigh * who am I kidding...Such things dont happen to me :P...( And knowing me its most likely going to be 'A book' rather than books, strictly academic books 'f course...If its fiction..thats a whole other story.. u couldnt even see me then . I might as well be hiding behind 20 books :) ..which would give an excuse for cute boys to help me pick them up...u see how I am going around in a circle here :D) since I started my intern ( "wha:O? really u got an intern?people are willing to let u throught the front door of their office ??" Suprisingly yes thats the case..wat kind of work I thats a whole different story :P :D ..what is it with me and digressing ...sheesh :D)

Since I started my intern, I decided to be all ladylike ( plz plz dont ROFL :)..I am trying my best :D) and decided to start carrying a 'handbag' or tote ( yea thts what I want to call it :P...'handbag' is a li'll to Indian auntyji-ish in my book :D). And no unfortunately its not a "designer label * single tear rolls down her cheek * ( Do u think acting would be a good career for me..I mean common now..I can BAWL and I mean BAWL when I dont get things that I want..but I guess that only works with Appa huh..being daddys li'll pricncess does have its advantages I guess * shrugs * :) )

So yea I started carrying a handbag to work. And being a girl, I need tons of stuff ( dont ask me what...oh all right ...i'll tell ya :))..It includes stuff like moisturizing lotions ( yea plural :P ),gum ( now I knowww guys need this as well), my purse ( handbag and purse...two verrryyy different things people..seriously now keep up with me here ) obiviously, a calculator ( yea one of 'em big,huge old ones..its easier doing calculations on that then on the one in the computer..actually I borrowed it :)), a tiffin box ( I get hungry at lunch...and contrary to what people think I dont want to become anorexic just to fit into those Joes jeans * sighs *...ohhh who am I kidding..I would do ANYTHING to fit into a pair of 'Joes' u notice the drama here people...can u see why I think acting might be a good career ?* dodging sharp object thrown my way * :D) , tea leaves container( Yea I drink tea :P) etc etc. This pretty much doesnt leave space for the actual useful " work" related stuff like files, papers, notepads,pens ( and they allowed u to intern...why again ur thinking )...which I have to hold in my hand. And I actually hold my laptop in my hand too (" They gave u a laptop too after actually letting u in through the front door ??? " ...close those jaws people :D).

So before u can picture me as an oversized stuff carrying cart...its not all that bad ( I actually manage to look quite ladylike :D). But now can you see how much potential there is for the aforementioned 'cute-guy-helping-me-pick-up-stuff' scenario..and me gazing into his 'blue/green/grey/black/brown/purple ?? eyes...yea 'm not too picky 'bout the eye color..although purple might be taking it a bit too far)...* sighhhh*