Friday, November 13, 2009

Last time... :)

1) You lauhed until tears came rolling down your face

2) You had a pointless, silly but absolutely fun argument with ur friend

3) You sat next to a window seeing the rain fall down, steaming hot ginger chai and an interesting book in hand

4) Heard your most favorite song the first thing in the morning

5) Knelt down on the road and smelt a fresh flower growing

6) Gazed in the eyes of a luved one

7) Felt happy at the hearing and seeing sparrows hop around

8) Given a friend a warm hug and made them feel better about the day

9) Lain on the grass gazing up at the starry sky

10) Gazed at a soap bubble and been fascinated by the spectrum of colors.

11) Spent quality time having a conversation with family and friends and get to really know whats going on in their life

~ Life is exactly what you make an interesting journey...need to learn to enjoy it along the way...simple pleasures make life worth living...its better not to complicate things better left alone :) :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My fav ads :)

Yea yea....very very very obivious title no :P :D...

So what did all of us do...when we sat glued to the idiot box between those F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes, in between those India v/s Pak matches , in between those horrendous Saas-bahu serials ( * not ones that u watched...but kinda sorta had to because mummy watched :D *....really now u didnt experience that :O ...what planet are u from again???)

well we sat and looked at ads...some that make u want to throw stuff at the idiot box ( and no I dont mean 'stuff' in the league of rotten tomates...'stuff' more in the league of sledge haamers)

And then there were the other ads...Ones you like, luv whatever and remember ( oh check out youtube videos of :) ). So pliss c some of my all time fav ads:

( used to sing this one in class....who with...almost the rest of the class obiviously :P)

( I have practically grown up with Amul man...and all the cheese and butters that came later...can bleedy well kiss my arse man...I am an Amul fan through and through...and also not to forget those hilarious Amul ads on the billboards.... :) )

(' Dhoodh, Dhoodh,Dhoodh piyo glassful' ...enuff said :) :) )

Jaleebe ad: If this li'll kid with his halo and his cheuberic smile saying 'jalebi' didnt pull at your hearstrings what will? :
( did I hear u all say awwww :) )

Bajaj Aveneger Ad: The man, the machine and the mountains...classic :D

Which brings us to 'The Hamara Bajaj ad' ( both old and new) :


Cadbury Perk ad: One of the first ads I remember the cute dimpled Preity Zinta from ( before she became the... ermm annoyance she is today :D):

( I <3 the li'll pug

and there was this 'waah Sunil babu...badiya hain' ...some paint or the other...I dont remember...couldnt find a link..but completely luved the ad :)

Also none and I repeat NONE of the frikkin American ads come close to these Indian ads.

Can any of u remember some of your favs :) ??

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too much luggage

" Do you need help?? "

I looked up from picking up the books that I had dropped. He was standing there smiling his cute gorgeous smile at me. My heart melted......

Ohkkk ohkk * sigh * who am I kidding...Such things dont happen to me :P...( And knowing me its most likely going to be 'A book' rather than books, strictly academic books 'f course...If its fiction..thats a whole other story.. u couldnt even see me then . I might as well be hiding behind 20 books :) ..which would give an excuse for cute boys to help me pick them up...u see how I am going around in a circle here :D) since I started my intern ( "wha:O? really u got an intern?people are willing to let u throught the front door of their office ??" Suprisingly yes thats the case..wat kind of work I thats a whole different story :P :D ..what is it with me and digressing ...sheesh :D)

Since I started my intern, I decided to be all ladylike ( plz plz dont ROFL :)..I am trying my best :D) and decided to start carrying a 'handbag' or tote ( yea thts what I want to call it :P...'handbag' is a li'll to Indian auntyji-ish in my book :D). And no unfortunately its not a "designer label * single tear rolls down her cheek * ( Do u think acting would be a good career for me..I mean common now..I can BAWL and I mean BAWL when I dont get things that I want..but I guess that only works with Appa huh..being daddys li'll pricncess does have its advantages I guess * shrugs * :) )

So yea I started carrying a handbag to work. And being a girl, I need tons of stuff ( dont ask me what...oh all right ...i'll tell ya :))..It includes stuff like moisturizing lotions ( yea plural :P ),gum ( now I knowww guys need this as well), my purse ( handbag and purse...two verrryyy different things people..seriously now keep up with me here ) obiviously, a calculator ( yea one of 'em big,huge old ones..its easier doing calculations on that then on the one in the computer..actually I borrowed it :)), a tiffin box ( I get hungry at lunch...and contrary to what people think I dont want to become anorexic just to fit into those Joes jeans * sighs *...ohhh who am I kidding..I would do ANYTHING to fit into a pair of 'Joes' u notice the drama here people...can u see why I think acting might be a good career ?* dodging sharp object thrown my way * :D) , tea leaves container( Yea I drink tea :P) etc etc. This pretty much doesnt leave space for the actual useful " work" related stuff like files, papers, notepads,pens ( and they allowed u to intern...why again ur thinking )...which I have to hold in my hand. And I actually hold my laptop in my hand too (" They gave u a laptop too after actually letting u in through the front door ??? " ...close those jaws people :D).

So before u can picture me as an oversized stuff carrying cart...its not all that bad ( I actually manage to look quite ladylike :D). But now can you see how much potential there is for the aforementioned 'cute-guy-helping-me-pick-up-stuff' scenario..and me gazing into his 'blue/green/grey/black/brown/purple ?? eyes...yea 'm not too picky 'bout the eye color..although purple might be taking it a bit too far)...* sighhhh*

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shocking...ermmm..Shopping tales

Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choos,Marc Jacobs...what do all these things have in common....apart from being bigggg brand names...(and I mean huge)...they are conspicuous by thier absence in my wadrobe ;)...Big deal u say...'like I have them in my wadrobe'??....I knw I kwn...'m being a snob here...but oh well....

Cut to 1987: A blue and white frock...frilleless ( thank god) , very comfy and one happy kid playing in her building ka garden (ermmm...with 2 exasperated parents looking on )...I thnk I had good dressing sense back then...coz tht was the only dress I didnt keep picking at...(in the 80's frills were the height of fashion I swear :p..and one which I reallly really disiked :D )

Cut to 1996: When a li'll girl with pig tails finds florescent yellow pants 'where its at'
Cut to 1998: Now not so little...girls fashion sense is improving steadily...but she has a lot...and I mean a lotttt of black tshirts in her wadrobe :D

Cut to 2007/08/09 : Our dear protagonist has improved her fashion sense tremendously...with words like GAP,AE,A&F and New York and COmpany thrown in for good meaure :)

How the sudden change u ask...well money my friend is the answer ( oh tht and being in a place which has a huge mall and actually nothing much else for entertainment= to one happy girl+one maxed out card...which I am trying to repay btw :D)

yess fashion...bigg this a girl maketh ...( see how I cleverly slid old english saying in :D )....I have been a shopping crazy nut all my much so that my mom almost fainted in surprise ( this before running at me with a broomstick :P ) when she saw all my 'Umericalenthu pannina shopping' (Shopping done in the US)...many are the times I have had to give advice to 'aethetically chalenged' friends

Case in point:

Incident 1:

Me: Hey 'Honey Bee' ... ( Scresms loudly as N gets onto the bus)
N: Now why on earth would u call me tht D...and r the good old days of saying 'hello' and all gone forever :D ??
Me: No da...u have a shirt which is with stripes...yellow and black how on earth..wha??? :O
N: * sighs in exasparation * ...and kinda desists wearing the shirt to school ever again (also because the whole bus heard me scream...including many of he classmates/friends...sooo :D )
however the seetie tht N is she still wears the shirt for me ( btw miss u tons N :) :) :) )

Incident 2:
Me: You need  a better dressing sense...why on earth did you think those pants went with that shirt...??
G: * Sighs* and * literally begs * plz dont go off on u fashion rant again...i'll take u next time we go shopping...and he was as good as his word :)

Now which brings me to the point...I want to become a 'Personal Shopper'...wha?? u ask...I wanna shop for rich ladies at bi
g brand name stores ...and hget paid for it...imagine....pure true bliss :) :)

Cut to 2009: Girl standing outside A&F drooling t the merchandise and walking away :D  ( yes recession hurts everyone ) :D