Friday, November 13, 2009

Last time... :)

1) You lauhed until tears came rolling down your face

2) You had a pointless, silly but absolutely fun argument with ur friend

3) You sat next to a window seeing the rain fall down, steaming hot ginger chai and an interesting book in hand

4) Heard your most favorite song the first thing in the morning

5) Knelt down on the road and smelt a fresh flower growing

6) Gazed in the eyes of a luved one

7) Felt happy at the hearing and seeing sparrows hop around

8) Given a friend a warm hug and made them feel better about the day

9) Lain on the grass gazing up at the starry sky

10) Gazed at a soap bubble and been fascinated by the spectrum of colors.

11) Spent quality time having a conversation with family and friends and get to really know whats going on in their life

~ Life is exactly what you make an interesting journey...need to learn to enjoy it along the way...simple pleasures make life worth living...its better not to complicate things better left alone :) :)


Prashanti :) said...

True, we rarely take out time to enjoy these simple pleasures

Perception said...

I guess sometimes we just forget of these simple pleasures and blog like yours re-kindle the memories. Nice read.