Friday, February 27, 2009

Shocking...ermmm..Shopping tales

Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choos,Marc Jacobs...what do all these things have in common....apart from being bigggg brand names...(and I mean huge)...they are conspicuous by thier absence in my wadrobe ;)...Big deal u say...'like I have them in my wadrobe'??....I knw I kwn...'m being a snob here...but oh well....

Cut to 1987: A blue and white frock...frilleless ( thank god) , very comfy and one happy kid playing in her building ka garden (ermmm...with 2 exasperated parents looking on )...I thnk I had good dressing sense back then...coz tht was the only dress I didnt keep picking at...(in the 80's frills were the height of fashion I swear :p..and one which I reallly really disiked :D )

Cut to 1996: When a li'll girl with pig tails finds florescent yellow pants 'where its at'
Cut to 1998: Now not so little...girls fashion sense is improving steadily...but she has a lot...and I mean a lotttt of black tshirts in her wadrobe :D

Cut to 2007/08/09 : Our dear protagonist has improved her fashion sense tremendously...with words like GAP,AE,A&F and New York and COmpany thrown in for good meaure :)

How the sudden change u ask...well money my friend is the answer ( oh tht and being in a place which has a huge mall and actually nothing much else for entertainment= to one happy girl+one maxed out card...which I am trying to repay btw :D)

yess fashion...bigg this a girl maketh ...( see how I cleverly slid old english saying in :D )....I have been a shopping crazy nut all my much so that my mom almost fainted in surprise ( this before running at me with a broomstick :P ) when she saw all my 'Umericalenthu pannina shopping' (Shopping done in the US)...many are the times I have had to give advice to 'aethetically chalenged' friends

Case in point:

Incident 1:

Me: Hey 'Honey Bee' ... ( Scresms loudly as N gets onto the bus)
N: Now why on earth would u call me tht D...and r the good old days of saying 'hello' and all gone forever :D ??
Me: No da...u have a shirt which is with stripes...yellow and black how on earth..wha??? :O
N: * sighs in exasparation * ...and kinda desists wearing the shirt to school ever again (also because the whole bus heard me scream...including many of he classmates/friends...sooo :D )
however the seetie tht N is she still wears the shirt for me ( btw miss u tons N :) :) :) )

Incident 2:
Me: You need  a better dressing sense...why on earth did you think those pants went with that shirt...??
G: * Sighs* and * literally begs * plz dont go off on u fashion rant again...i'll take u next time we go shopping...and he was as good as his word :)

Now which brings me to the point...I want to become a 'Personal Shopper'...wha?? u ask...I wanna shop for rich ladies at bi
g brand name stores ...and hget paid for it...imagine....pure true bliss :) :)

Cut to 2009: Girl standing outside A&F drooling t the merchandise and walking away :D  ( yes recession hurts everyone ) :D