Sunday, May 27, 2007

Starting to take cooking lessons from mom has been a whole new eye opening exerience(and its a phrase ppl...I didnt walk with my eyes closed b4 tht :P)...Nyways as sumtimes I learn to make all those complicated dishes, I understand how hard mom's have to wrk to prepare all those yummy dishes evryday :)) (and bear with my tantrums in addition to tht in my moms case :D...."I dont like this vegie, dont like tht..." :)) )....welll when u do it urself u realize all the sweat and hard wrk tht goes in2 it (another expression....definitely not to be taken literally :D).....had gone to a tam-brahm wedding yest(reeption to be more precise.... :)) )....had gone to one after quite sumtime...noticed quite a few ppl sitting there fidgeting with their mobiles...especially kids(and my advice to these kids: Ur sooo not the Prime minister....quit fidgetting with the gadget...I dont care however much of the latest version it is :P, get a life....no1 on the earth is tht busy :P..ever..unless ur the CEO of some company...which given ur age I'm sure uall are not :))... *whew* tht was quite a tirade :D)..nyways quite enjoyed it....seeing all thoseaunties dressed up in all their finery (they an overdo it sometme :D), and the uncles come as simply as possible (another typical aspect of a tam-brahm wedding....aunties dressed verrrrrrrrrrryyy well...ahem ahem * cough* :D....and uncles just plain under dressed :D)...nyways had pretty nice food (there the foodie in me again showing up * wave )

Monday, May 14, 2007

hmmm ever rode in a car, at night, with the windows open (yeah...yeah..without an AC :P...u knw ppl...actually the car in which I rode didnt hv an tht partially contributes to the open windows thingi :D...still its really nice :)) ), and listening to any song that u liked, or generally the radio , and just close ur eyes....amazing experience (what happened to me on the way home in the office drop :)) ).l..try it....I am sure u'll be amazed at the peace and warmth that u'll feel washing all over u (and no ppl the warmth is not emmision from the vehicle in front :P..hehe)..but seriously try it :))..