Sunday, June 17, 2007

with a brown layer of dust on them,
hanging from the trees,
the earth,
with her dry parched surface,
wondering what her fate will be

the robin is waiting,
for a song is there to be sung,
each of 'em,
each and everyone,
is waiting,
when sweet water from the rain clouds will come.

--> this poem is inspired by the weather outside, and sweet friends(who stand by u through thick and thin and GCA's and whinings and late nghts) :))

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Now I'm becommin quite a regular blogger !! (either I've suddenly discovered a talent for writing or hv wayyy too much time on my hands :D....).... Anyways the li'll drawing u see alongside gives u a picture of the two things without wich yours truly cant really start her day :P.......I guess with most of u its coffee(and technically it shud b tht for me 2....but I'm one of those tam brahm iyers who dont drink coffee :D....), but for me the strong, hot, pipping aroma and taste of ginger tea just drives those morning blues away :)) ....and now sine its the monsoon season, well tea and watching the rains outside my window....awesum combo...another thing which is an instant pick me up is music...nything goes in the morning.....could be M.S.Subbalakshmi all the way to MLTR :))

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Okie Okie I knw I'm sooo not a film critic cant really rate a movie...but what the heck, here goes :D..... I went to watch 'Cheeni Kum' 2day...lemme tell y'all tht its an absolutely fantabulous movie :))) . I mean yeah yeah the storyline is tried and tested....and yeah ppl its kinda a romantic comedy (so chicklit I know :D)...but its the dialouges..they r sooo refreshingly intelligent :))) (ermm....and considering the crap they pass of as dialouges these days.. :D...this is on another level) ....and then there is the music (nobody broke out in2 a song and dance in the middle of a london street thnk god!!! :D), given by Ilyaraja (which makes u realise why hes a master :)) ) actually aids the flow of the movie (I mean its been a long time since I've seen tht happen :)) )...and then there are the clothes worn by Tabu ..classy is the only word ....and well amithabh...well hes just amithabh in the movie...great dresser, carries off the sarcastic and witty dialouges with elan tht man(and yeah I luved the Versace designer glasses he has case u'all didnt knw thts a brand ppl :P )...and yes the sets....fantabulous(yeah ppl I noticed tht :P)all in all a movie not to be missed (can I hea the call of any major daily for making me their head movie critic....haha :D)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Now what u ppl can c here is the work of an idle mine who has randomly seen a poster, and who had nothin better to do then reading FRD's and hence decided to draw :D (namely mmeeeeeeee ppl :P)
Shows the attitude of diff ppl in the former 2 all of us know...and from the latter 2, I guess we oe across many spiritualists now a days :P...and as for the realist thingi...well wudnt all u guys like 2 be like tht (for more reasons than 1 :D...but yeah rimarily 'coz the realist is the only guy who finished the beer huh!!! :)))) ..haha )