Friday, June 1, 2007

Now what u ppl can c here is the work of an idle mine who has randomly seen a poster, and who had nothin better to do then reading FRD's and hence decided to draw :D (namely mmeeeeeeee ppl :P)
Shows the attitude of diff ppl in the former 2 all of us know...and from the latter 2, I guess we oe across many spiritualists now a days :P...and as for the realist thingi...well wudnt all u guys like 2 be like tht (for more reasons than 1 :D...but yeah rimarily 'coz the realist is the only guy who finished the beer huh!!! :)))) ..haha )


prettyslyforabrownguy said...

Long live beer drinking realists :D

chocoliciousgal said...

Aint tht the truth ganja :D

MAVERICK said...

=))... nice !!

skipping any small talk or niceties and getting to the point,

which poster was this ?