Sunday, September 30, 2007

How do you put into words ,emotions which you can not even feel properly ?

How do you explain to someone that they are so nice that when you hurt them , even though you didnt mean to hurt them ,not even a little bit, that the pain that you feel is really deep?

How do you make them realise that what you are feeling really really sorry for anything that you ever did to that hurt them...for anytime that you ever made them feel sad, for anytime that you ever caused even a single tear to run down their cheek....

that they are so important as a friend, that someone who is usually loqacious and blunt with words, is having a difficult time putting anything at all into words .

Maybe some things can never be explained, never be conveyed in words......

....all I can do is bow my head down and ask for forgiveness.......tell how sorry I am...

Promise that whatever happens you will always be there for them......

come sun, hail, rain, geographical bariers.......

and that tomorrow when it will dawn will be a happy one for all concerned :)) .......

(Dedicated to ECK :) )

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Been quite sometime since I posted...I guess professional life does tht to ya (there I go again...professional life...pffffftttt :P....guess 'm just god darn lazyy :D...)

Nyways here goes....would appreciate opinions y'all:

Where do u go girl,
In search of happiness,
the farther that u travel,
I'm afraid u'll only find less.

Do you wanna be a rockstar,
or will u a model be,
or do you wanna be an archeologist,
excavating some city.

Happiness doesnt come gurl,
from being wealthy,
You can even find happiness,
while reading a book under a tree. :)