Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My fav ads :)

Yea yea....very very very obivious title no :P :D...

So what did all of us do...when we sat glued to the idiot box between those F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes, in between those India v/s Pak matches , in between those horrendous Saas-bahu serials ( * not ones that u watched...but kinda sorta had to because mummy watched :D *....really now u didnt experience that :O ...what planet are u from again???)

well we sat and looked at ads...some that make u want to throw stuff at the idiot box ( and no I dont mean 'stuff' in the league of rotten tomates...'stuff' more in the league of sledge haamers)

And then there were the other ads...Ones you like, luv whatever and remember ( oh check out youtube videos of :) ). So pliss c some of my all time fav ads:

( used to sing this one in class....who with...almost the rest of the class obiviously :P)

( I have practically grown up with Amul man...and all the cheese and butters that came later...can bleedy well kiss my arse man...I am an Amul fan through and through...and also not to forget those hilarious Amul ads on the billboards.... :) )

(' Dhoodh, Dhoodh,Dhoodh piyo glassful' ...enuff said :) :) )

Jaleebe ad: If this li'll kid with his halo and his cheuberic smile saying 'jalebi' didnt pull at your hearstrings what will? :
( did I hear u all say awwww :) )

Bajaj Aveneger Ad: The man, the machine and the mountains...classic :D

Which brings us to 'The Hamara Bajaj ad' ( both old and new) :


Cadbury Perk ad: One of the first ads I remember the cute dimpled Preity Zinta from ( before she became the... ermm annoyance she is today :D):

( I <3 the li'll pug

and there was this 'waah Sunil babu...badiya hain' ...some paint or the other...I dont remember...couldnt find a link..but completely luved the ad :)

Also none and I repeat NONE of the frikkin American ads come close to these Indian ads.

Can any of u remember some of your favs :) ??


Liberal said...

Amazing flashback! Loved the Operation Flood ad, the hutch ad is wonderful, so is the bajaj ad! I agree, American ads cannot compete with these!

chocoliciousgal said...

@Liberal- Have u seen the american ads...that are well local...they are wayyyy worse than those 'coaching class ads ' we could see on loacal tv back home :D

Anjana R said... the concept behind some of our desi ads! very creative!

samyuktha said...

Nice post D...I occasionally find myself youtubing and looking up old ads. Indian ads are just something else!

Have u seen the parachute gorgeous hamesha ad? I love that! Also the itchguard ad 'hawa aane de'

Nice post ya :) Brought a lot of memories!

chocoliciousgal said...

@ Anjana: I agree...I think we really have some creative people back home...and btw U.S ads are all about medicines, used cars, more medicines...oh did I mention used cars :D

@Sammy: I luvvv doing tht da...I used to sometimes get irritated when the ads on Indian t.v channels used to go on forever...but I will never complain ever again :)