Sunday, April 1, 2007

Resurrected from the ashes

Now you're thinkin which idiot on this planet names their first post "Resurrected from the ashes"..... Does she like thnk tht shes some sorta phoenix or some such mythical creature...but people there is a reason for this name. And now without rambling further I thnk I should give u'all the reason lest you people go to sleep.. :D

And here is the reason...drum roll please......tish tish tish tish(worst imitation of a drumroll ever ppl!!!)....hehe..actually eons ago(well not xactly ookie...I'm like exaggerating here...but it sure does feel like eons ;) ) I used to write a blog..which was read by a coupla ppl(now I'm soooo not tellin how many :P), and then in a looooong story which involves breaking down of comps, a bunch of idiots who had to submit a friggin B.E project(of which I'm case u didnt know), then running around to find a job and the rest of those trivial things we pursue in this journey called life( thts the philospher in me dont be alarmed I dont get philosiphical and all often ;) )...ermmm I'm not really tellin the story here ppl....just mentioning factors and such....anyways my poor blogging died a natural death. Then on a bored Sunday afternoon I read a friends blog....and wat inspired me(ermmm I guess inspired is too strong a word for me....just well made me get off my lazy ass) to write is somethin I dunno :D
and here I am writing this blog.

Lets hope my l'ill blog survives this time around ;)



Vaishnavi said...

hey divs it ws fun readin it ........ gr8 1 especially d name of ur post "Resurrected from the ashes"
gud u found time to restart writin blogs (even though its been eons ;))
hey gr8 job keep it up.........

vaidya said...

so u finally got started :D
Great job...
Hope to see a lot more and pretty frequent posts... :)

Mithilesh said...

Not bad at all.
Looking forward to you posting many more quality posts in the future.
Do try to reduce the number of smileys, though. Ah what the heck! its your blog!