Monday, April 16, 2007

Life's one big charade,
Dont wanna be a parta this facade,
Dont wanna loose myself in this meaningless run
wanna turn my face towards the gentle breeze
and bask in the warm, soft glow of the sun...

Sounds like the lyrics of the song na (hehe...yeah rght :P) ..but its written by yours truly...and no ppl, I havent just written it of the cuff.... sometimes I feel like doin xactly wat I've written..... walking in a place where there is a gentle breeze, or gazin up at the stars(and no ppl , I'm not 3 yrs old.... I just like lookin at the stars and clouds ook :D).... or walking down the beach and feeling the saand between my toes......or holding a round smooth pebble, that has been warmed by the sun in my hand.hmmm all nice wonderfull feelings :)....(or mayb its just tht I'm so tired I'm wittin gibberish)...wateva hope it makes u'all feel better :D


vaidya said... the poet's back :)...good one again

prettyslyforabrownguy said...

good un..looks like someone's talented at writing eh?