Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hmmm sum wise man once said "half our life is spent rushing from one place to another"(ermmm..ookie I kinda made tht up...but a wise man cud've said it :P).....nyways comming back 2 my point....we spend our life rushin here and there, to catch busses,trains, to reach office on time, while doing work (like running from one table to another while working..haha), and in the course of all this running , we get so caught up tht we dont realise tht we're missin the kutti(tht means small in tamil...sumhow it sounds very cute in Tam ;)) things in life :) for instance the plants and small flower shops we pass on our way 2 wrk(there are wayy more then u thnk ppl)..ookie i'll gv u'all a li'll hint as 2 wat u can do 2 mayb njoy a few of these small 'bout just starin at the clouds or the trees when ur travelling :), definitely givs u a sense of feelin grounded and happy :)... Such simple things do seem 2 gv me happiness :D....hmmm or like mayb sayin "thnk u" 2 ppl who are stuck in a thankless job, like mayb the bus conductor.....when I said "thnk u" to the conductor 2day after he gv me my bus ticket, I swear I saw a smile on his face :)...ppl do tell me wat is the thing tht makes u hapy :) ?



vaidya said...

gotta agree with you...thanks is a very under-used term in India...

nandini said...

either watching de flowers nd stars or juss:) talking 2 u both of dem give me immense pleasure!!
btw divi real gud blogs,philosophical nd all i say!
any day better than those gibberish