Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What is this Quarter life crisis that seems to be hitting all of us with a vengence(alrht alrght 20 to 29 sumthings but u see here ppl most of the friends I hv belong to tht particular age group :P...ermm on 2nd thought make tht all the friends I hv ;) )...nyways gettin back to the point : The Big QLC...well lets take my example:

Up2 last yr I was totally unsure 'bout what I wanted to do nxt like do an MBA or an MS and now tht I made my decision 'm not completely sure wether its the right choice or not :D

Then there is that question of settling down u knw .... I still feel I need a coupla years more....dunno what I want from life exactly(Did I see an eye roll again there ppl ;)??)

....sumtimes I just feel like I should pick up a backpack and be off....touring India(would hv said the world here but seems a wee bit too ambitious then :D)

And well I've seen quite a few of my friends and cousins going through all the same questions and issues that I seem to be facing.....Not satisfied in terms of their jobs, not understanding where they wanna go in life....just drifting along.....I feel our parents gen had a less complicated lifestyle.... Maybe their freedom was not as much in terms of choices that they could make..but the complications were definitely lessened to a gr8 extent... Whaddya feel ppl :) ??

(P.S: I'm proud to be a parta this confused but cool gen of ours ;) ..... Rock on peeps :))) )


sandesh said...
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sandesh said...

well u know thts the best part is int it life makes an offer u cant reject as vito corleone says in godfather,any way great blog ,would be great if we get to know each other well ,cheers

Utsav said...

Pretty smooth an observation ! Most of us go through the situation ! But then isn't that what some of us want in life... everything? Or be everything? The desire to taste the variegated nuances symbolizes a resplendent persona. Don't you think so? The urge to live life to the fullest, and the curiosity of the venture that follows, that's what I sure would call a great way of life... flushed with confusions, few crazies enjoy it, you sound to be one in that band of freaks ! Awesome !

nachiketh said...

quater life crisis ???
heard abt it?
its a line from john mayer's song
'why georgia'

chocoliciousgal said...

hmmm I didnt xactly say I enjoyed it..its more of a u knw situatn tht I cant really do nythin 'bout :D...
and I didnt really pick tht term up from a song or nythin ;)...just u knw hv heard tht term bein thrown 'round quite often now a days...tght might as well gv my views :D

Speakin of songs--> hey there delilah-plain white tees.. :)