Friday, December 19, 2008

Brilliant...who me :) ??

Now that I got an award *does a little jig *...woohooo yea yea :) ... I bow to buddy (ermm bowing is a bit much..but still :P)..chalo i'll thnk him :) :)

Anywhoo I am tagged (ermm and dear readers...or ny1 who happens to accidentally wander across this blog :D...I literally did badger buddy once for not tagging me on a seperate post altogether...'m guessing the poor guy remembered those few hours..or was it days of nagging :P...and promptly tagged me for the next similar kinda tagged-post thingi :)....cheers :) :) )

The rules of the tag are: Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like).So here goes:

Family: Now I wonder how I havent just outright written a post about them, Which is surprising :O considering I really do luv my whacky family (and I have the whole immediate Iyer family-thingi going on :D..thatha,paati,chittapppa and so forth :) ). SO I tght I would go ahead and write a post before this...but then thts cheating :P. So I have mentioned posts wherever there is a passing reference to one of them. Here, here, here and here

Friends: Interestingly some of the people who I am most close too,who have helped me get through the hardest of times I miss more then ever now. Anywhoo not to get depressing (it being the holidays and all and every person worth his salt and pepper seems to be all christmas carolly...strangely enuff I used to think snow would make a post card christmas...but then...not really :D....and 'm rambling again...) Here, here, and here

Yourself: Ermm not that 'm not narristic and stuff, I somehow couldnt remember if I had written many posts 'bout myself.. *need to find post 'bout self*.... *dig,dig and then some more* Here ( and it even includes a small sketch...shamless publicity as buddy puts the liketh :D
) and here

Your love: There is just one. More a crush really. Happened ages ago.As many ppl have said no comments :)

Anything you like: Ahhhh my fav part.. Links to posts (ermm in this case mine obvio :P...that I feel are good) . Here goes : Heres one of 'em and yet another and perhaps more to come in the future ;)..

Cheers :)


Prashanti :) said...

Hey Chocoliciousgal,
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the post with different colors for India !!!


chocoliciousgal said...

I knw u did :) :)
Thnks once again for the comments...and u knw 'm adding ur super cute blog to my blogroll :) :)

buddy said...

thats all i can say