Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hmm what is freedom... I guess we each have our own perspective on this. To some people it might essentially mean the freedom to make their own choices, to others it might be to voice their opinions without any backlash of any sorts, to others still it might be not having to answer to anyone about their actions... To me freedom might just be a mix of all the above things that I just mentioned.
But u know what I found out...I guess my whole perception of freedom kinda changed after coming here...(and I still wonder why certain things tend to change with the places where we stay :D)...like when I was back home , I had a coupla restrictions that well were pretty diligently enforced by mom (like the dont stay out too late thing...and in a city like mumbai...can u beat that :D)...well when I came here , I had the choice to stay out as late as I wanted...but do u know what I found myself not doing that very often....hmmm so much for that concept of freedom(*psst: I also found out I kinda missed moms nagging...sheeeesh of all the things to miss * ...I guess a coupla months in mumbai should cure that right outta me :P)
On my trip to NYC recently (haha..see how I actually fit this in here..common I did have to show off to someone :P)..but no really...I felt exhilaratingly free...why..I dunno..don't ask...there were millions of people around me ('specially since my friends and me did the whole touristy NYC thingy).. I just felt free.... maybe I just kinda drew a parallel between mumbai and NYC (now now ppl don't snigger :D..I admit mumbai has its faults...but its one of my favoritest places in the whole wide world :) :) ) maybe that kinda set off the free spirit in me...to be in a place and devoid of rules and regulations...can be well really like a breath of fresh air....have u guys ever felt that way on going to a particular place...that feeling of freedom ? :)
(oh btw I had food at 'Saravana Bhavan,NY ' *drool drool* :D :D...and yup NYC is the fashion capital of the freakking world :) :) )

P.S: Dedicated to my friends who made that trip possible and fun: to V,AU,J,AD &G...thnks guys :) :)

R.I.P: My dear darling 'pod...shuffle which I lost there.....for the hours of music it provided and all the lonliness, long walks ,traffic jams and sadness it has gotten me through.

As a friend puts it a bittersweet journey :)

Cheers :)


buddy said...

lol..miss moms nagging!
nice post!
@ ipod: ponal pogattum poda

chocoliciousgal said...

@ buddy : I agree I miss moms nagging as well :) :)

and as for 'po....I agree...puthiya nanove vanthudthu :)